Average Life Expectancy

This section outlines key information pertaining to the Average Life Expectancy in 2012 and 2013 and all details associated with Life Span! Whether you want gender-specific information, geographical information, or just a rough answer to the age-old question “How long will I live?”, this page strives to satisfy your every need.

There are a number of sources out there regarding the average human life span, and there is no question that results vary by gender and country – our goal is to provide you with all the information and let you decide! The currently World Average is 67.2 years – That being said, the following information represents a clear Life Expectancy Chart, documenting data from a multitude of areas:

Life Expectancy Chart
Country Years
United States 78-80
Canada 80+
Australia 80+
China 70-77
United Kingdom 80+
India 68-73
South America
Russia 65-68

Life Span by Country – Graph Illustration

As seen in the previous section, human life span varies greatly by country. The following chart yields some key insight to how this number has developed over the years.

Average Life Expectancy

It is key to note that more developed countries, as expected, have been experiencing a relatively constanct growth rate of roughly 20% per year since the 1960s. This has translated into an increase in average life span of 10 years over this time. Improved physical fitness is also a factor in improving overall health and life expectancy.

Life Span by Gender

It is also interesting to note the approximate differences in life span by gender. Over time, the gap between females and males have lessened, and currently (as of 2005) there is a difference of 5.8 years between male and female life expectancies.

Historical Life Expectancy

It is also interesting to note how life-span has developed over time. The following chart illustrates a quick glimpse at historical life expectancies:

Era Life Expectancy
Medieval Britain 30
Early/Modern Britain 25-40
Early/Modern Britain 25-40
Early 20th Century 31
Current World Average 67.2