Average Hair Length in Women

A hair length chart is a good thing to show your hairdresser when you are talking about hair. It would help if you made sure that the hairdresser understands what you want if you don’t know how to read this guide on hair lengths.

Straight vs. Curly Hair Length Chart For Women

There are two ways to measure the length of hair. You can say where you want it to be, for example, at your knees or your shoulders, or you can measure the length in inches. Both ways can be shown on a chart.

hair length chart for women

Curly hair is more difficult to measure than straight hair. Curly hair can be tricky because it does not go as far, but it is just as long. For example, curly hair doesn’t reach the same length in inches that straight hair does, but it has the same length in centimetres. This is because curly and wavy locks are shorter when they don’t lay flat on your head. They lose up to 30% of their length when they are curly or wavy because of their tightness.

hair lengths

There are many kinds of hair lengths. Some people have long hair, and some people have short hair. The length of a person’s hair will depend on how tall they are. When you buy extensions, you need to know your height because it changes the size of the extension in inches.

There are three categories of hair length.

  • Short Hair: Short hair is up to 12 inches, or about 1 foot, for straight hair and 14-16 inches for curly hair.
  • Medium Hair: Medium length starts at the shoulder and goes to the armpit. This is about 12-18 inches for straight strands and 24 inches for curly ones.
  • Long Hair: Long hair is any that goes beyond this length – it can be as long as you want!

Different hairstyles are often associated with different lifestyles. People who have shorter hair might be busy and not want to spend too much time on their hair. But the length of your hair can also tell a lot about your personality and attitude! You might decide what length you want for your hair, but within that range, many different styles will look good on people with a certain face shape or type of hair.

Short Hair Length

buzzcuts hair cut

Buzzcuts are short haircuts, and they can be made with a razor. The length is less than an inch after the haircut. Buzzcuts make your head look good, and it also makes your facial features more noticeable by opening your face. Buzzcuts are not everyone’s style, but some people like them.

pixie haircut

The pixie haircut is one of the most famous haircuts for girls. It is called that because the hair on top of your head is longer, and the hair on the back and sides of your head are cut short. This haircut might be called pixie because it makes you look like a fairy tale creature with pointed ears from British folklore. But more likely, it’s because the pixie haircut makes you look playful and fun! A well-done pixie accentuates your eyes, not your ears!

undercut hair style women

The undercut is a hairstyle where the hair on the top of the head is much longer than on the sides and/or back. This style may come with long hair too, which is rarely the case. With short hair, you can see when someone has shaved their temple. But if you have longer locks, an undercut might be good for making a statement.

modern bob haircut

The modern bob haircut is popular. It can vary from chin length to neck-length, and it was created in Paris more than 100 years ago. The classic bob has a blunt cut with no layers. This haircut used to be very scandalous when it first appeared, but now people like it again. A woman who wears the short bob looks innocent and dangerous at the same time, even though this haircut is almost universal for all hair lengths: jaw-length to neck-length.

Medium Hair Length

There are two ways to wear shoulder-length hair. It can be put in a ponytail, and that is easy. The other way is to cut it into a style called the lob or long bob. The lob is a trendy hairstyle, which combines the freshness of the bob with the versatility of long hair.

medium haircut

If you want to know how long your hair should be, ask these questions: How long is shoulder-length hair? For straight locks, it is 14 inches. For curly locks, it is 16-18 inches. This length looks great with low-cut dresses. If you don’t have that much hair length, add layers to the armpit-length hair, making it look more voluminous.

Long Hair Length

long hair cut

What is long hair? A mane that goes beyond your shoulder blades and is longer, up to the lower back, is seen as long.

The most common and popular hair length is mid-back length. This is also called bra strap length.

On average, hair grows 6 inches a month. You can measure your hair’s growth with this number. It is best to cut off half an inch every 2-3 months to prevent split ends and keep your hair healthy.