When do I stop growing?

This post is in response to a question asked on Y! Answers here.

Okay – this question has a lot to do with puberty in males and females, as the age at which you stop growing (in both genders!) directly correlates to where you are in your puberty.

The Basics

Puberty in females begins at around 13 years old, and 13-14 years old for males (fun fact: puberty used to begin at 15 years for girls, and 16 years for boys – hormones in foods are having an effect!). During this time, more specifically the first half of puberty, your growth will accelerate until you have achieved your adult body.

Okay… So When Do I Stop Growing?

Well, this can vary from individual from individual, but typically for boys it is 18 years old, and for girls it is closer to 16-17 years old. As stated before, this can vary. A resource covering average heights for males and females can be found here.

Why Do I Stop Growing?

A great resource answering this question can be found here. As usual, we like to break things down and make them easier to understand, so keep reading! You stop growing for a number of reasons:

  1. Genetics - we’re genetically programmed to stop growing at a certain age/size
  2. Hormones - high concentration of estrogen in both males and females (achieved roughly halfway through the puberty cycle) causes growth plates to fuse!

So there you have it, everything you can hope to know on the subject. If you’re interested in trying to predict your future height, try this Online Height Calculator.

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