How much water should I drink daily?

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Water consumption is definitely an extremely part of anyone’s day, however, individual consumption volumes varies from person to person. A great resource on this subject can be found here, but for more summarized details, keep reading!


The benefits of water consumption are immense – water is the lubricant of our bodies! Water also does a great job flushing out toxins that may be present as well within our vital organs, brings nutrients to our cells and provides a moist environment for important tissues.

Daily Intake:

The intake on a daily basis for Men in a temperate climate is roughly ~3 liters (13 cups). Women is a little less, coming in at ~2.2 liters (9 cups).

We’re sure you’ve all heard the 8 cups of water a day rule, which can be shown to be roughly correct when comparing to the values given above.

There you have it!

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