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Average Testicle Size - Testicle Anatomy, Size, and Statistics
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Testicles are a key part of the male reproductive system, and their geometries and characteristics vary from individual to individual. This resource aims to provide you with accurate Average Testicle information, covering topics including testicle size, testicle volume, and testicle temperature.

Average Testicle Size

Testicles, responsible for producing testosterone and spermatozoa, tend to vary in size from one place on Earth to the next, but the following small chart is a good concensus for the average testicular size - please note some are bigger, some are smaller, but this is the average size of the human testicles.

Testicle Size Dimension Average
Length 2 in (5 cm)
Width 0.8 in (2 cm)
Height 1.2 in (3 cm)

Testicle Temperature

It is also useful to investigate the average temperature of the human testicle. Testicle temperature is a very important perameter for the proper nuturing of the spermatozoa. As such, the testicles work at temperatures slightly lower than the core Average Body Temperature. This is evident in the design of the testicles, away from the body itself in an effort to maintain a lower temperature.

This information can be summarized in the following chart - it should be noted that this value expressed a 2 degree difference between average body temperature and testicle temperature.

Average Testicle Temperature: 35 Degrees Celcius
(99 Degrees Fahrenheit)

Measurement Technique

The best way to get an accurate reading is plain and simple - use a thermometer! Similar to the way you would take your temperature under your arm-pitt, orally, or even rectally, simply use a thermometer to measure your testicular temperature.

Average Testicle Size

Average Testicle Volume

The volume of the testicle can be calculated using the length, width, and height dimensions as illustrated above. Multiplying these dimensions, we can achieve an accurate indication of the Average Testicle Volume as shown:

Average Testicle Volume: 1.10 in³ (18 cm³)