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This page offers average penis size information, including average asian penis size, as well as averages by other countries and demographics. Data is also presented summarizing key findings within penis size studies, identifying average lengths, circumferences in both erect and flaccid states. These values are accurate as of 2012 and 2013.

Average Penis Size by Country Average Penis Size by Country

The following table illustrates data that corresponds to average asian penis sizes, american penis sizes, as well as african, russian and many others. Although there is evident variation between individuals from different countries, we can see this variation is completely within the normal range.

Country Average Erect Length
Canada 13.92 cm
United States 12.9 cm
China 10.89 cm
Japan 10.92 cm
Africa 14.9 - 17.83 cm
Italy 15.74 cm
United Kingdom 13.97 cm
Russia 13.21 cm
Average Penis Size

Average Penis Size Studies

A number of studies have been conducted on penis size with results varying depending on the mode in which information was gathered. These modes vary from self-measure, to assisted measure; statistics indicate that assisted measurement numbers are indeed slightly larger than the self-measure technique. The results have also concluded that the mean penis size is slightly larger than the median penis size, meaning that the average size is not necessarily in agreement with the middle value of the data sets.

The following tables summarize the concluded average penis size from a number of conducted studies.

Erect Length
Study Average
Journal of Urology 5.08 in (12.9 cm)
Lifestyle Condoms 5.9 in (14.9 cm)
BJU International 5.9 in (14.9 cm)
Erect Circumference
Study Average
Cancun Lifestyle 4.97 in (12.6 cm)
Flaccid Length
Study Average
Unknown Study 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
Consolidated Studies 3.74 in (9.5 cm)
Average Penis Size

Measurement Technique

Measurement technique is usually a point of discussion when attempting to find a true average. In most cases, assisted assessment of penis size was utilized - as such, there should be a light pressure implemented on the pelvic bone slightly pushing in any surrounding tissue. It is important to maintain a light pressure during measurement.