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Average Hand

This page offers average hand size and average palm size information including hand size charts segmented by both hand length and width. Data regarding average female and male hand size is illustrated, accurate as of 2012 and 2013.

Your hand is made up of two major parts, 1) the Palm, and 2) the Fingers. The combination of all these parts make the hand - and the addition of the two dimensions yield an average hand size! As you may have guessed, average hand size varies heavily by gender - the following charts identify average hand sizes.

Average Hand Size

Average Hand Size (Length)
Male Female
189 mm (7.44 inches) 172 mm (6.77 inches)

It is also useful to know the average hand width, corresponding to the width of the palm at the widest point. The following chart displays this information:

Average Hand Width

Average Hand Size (Width)
Male Female
84 mm (3.30 inches) 74 mm (2.91 inches)

Hand Size Diagram

Did You Know?

That each of our hands is controlled by the opposite side of our brains? Also, the fingertips contain the densest area of nerve endings on the entire human body!